YAYAYA Founder, Rachael Young, has had a special relationship with plants since childhood. Today she is a certified herbalist, ethnobotanist, and forager with a degree in conservation biology. Rachael's passion for sharing the importance of plants is at the forefront of all she does.
In a moment of synchronicity, Rachael met the wild yaupon holly while foraging in Austin, TX. Immediately she knew there was something special about this seemingly ordinary plant. Yaupon grows prolifically, supports its native southern ecosystem, and is a delight for the few humans who know enough to enjoy it.
As the plant of illumination, connection, and optimism it was once called the "drink of social wellness" by indigenous southeastern tribes of North America. To these communities, yaupon was an important ceremonial beverage and wellness tonic. Today, even if this legacy is little known, it remains true that the spirit of yaupon shows us the way toward healthier relationships with ourselves, our communities, and the land. 
Racheal created YAYAYA to illuminate the lost bounty of the North American foodshed, inspire greater connection within our communities, and share an energizing beverage that strengthens and uplifts.
Yayaya organic yaupon is wild cultivated at a woman owned farm in Austin, TX. Standing behind our commitment to community, our yaupon is harvested by formerly incarcerated women as bridge or permanent employment. We use glass bottles, recyclable packaging, and brew our tonic to extract optimal flavor and whole-body benefits. Learn more about Yaupon Holly history and benefits here
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