Yaupon: North America's Only Caffeine Plant

Yaupon is one of 10 caffeine plants worldwide, and the richest source of bliss inducing theobromine molecules. 

Every Sip Is An Elevated Vibe. 

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Exceptional Taste, Optimistic Feel.

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A Local Plant With Forgotten Wisdom

Native to southeastern North America, a yaupon holly looks different in shape, size, and structure depending on the region it inhabits. In response to growing conditions and the needs of its given ecosystem, a yaupon holly will adapt its outward expression. 

That is the spirit of the Yaupon: adaptable, helpful, illuminating, and uplifting. 

Known as the drink of social wellness, the energy lift from yaupon tea imbues optimism, connection, and presence of mind. It is a wellness tonic that draws us toward healthier ways of being in relationship with ourselves, one another, and the land. 

The nourishment and wisdom of this plant has long been overlooked, learn more about how it was lost from the North America foodshed. 

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